"Couch for Couch Potatoes" by Charlotte Kingsnorth

This work of art is entitled "Couch for Couch Potatoes" by Charlotte Kingsnorth. This took the D&AD Student Award forr furniture design this year.
Kingsnorth says she was inspired by media coverage of obesity and Jenny Saville’s paintings to create One - “a sofa that has been devoured by its obese occupier”. “The flesh has spilled and encased the sofa… until the two have married into a new grotesque form,” she explains. This is an interesting take on the relationship between people and their couches. Having the two actually become one. It reminds me of a story I read a few years ago of an obese woman who did not leave her couch for a few years. Parts of her skin actually bonded with her couch and it has to be surgically seperated. This couch really cought my eye on both and aesthetic and symbolic perspective. You can see more of this years D&AD winners here.

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