This is the all new Aquaovo Ovopur. Looks amazing and is environmentally friendly. Not sure if the water is gonna taste better than regular bottled water, but i'd just love to have this in my house. Im a big connoisseur of water so I'm all about it. This thing has specs for days. For a detailed list of 'em visit aquaov.com

Close up of the "ovopur" spout and the "Aquacistal" filter system


Artist/Musician Jacob bannon (Converge, Supermachiner, Irons, Dear Lover) has recently launched his personal website/design portfolio. There you'll find a comprehensive discography of his Musical history and a small portion of his design history and artwork. Jacob Bannon has definately been one of my favorite artists as well as the front man to one of my all time favorite bands, Converge. Check the website here.
bannon 2


Visvim for Comme Des Garcons.

Marketing Machine

Visvim and Japanese Fashion House Comme Des Garcons are collaborating on another very interesting set of shoes. The shoes in this collection have the slogan "Marketing Machine" printed on them. I'm not really sure how I feel about these aesthetically, but I really admire the Marketing Machine slogan, and both shoe models in general. Read the story behind these here...(if you can read Japanese)

** Also, Complex has an interesting interview with Visvim founder Hiroki Nakamura about Visvim's "Rise to Power" That can be found here


Paradis is a bi-annual magazine i've recently fallen in love with. It seems to be a good mixture of Journalism, Design, and Naked Women. 3 of the 3 things in my list of editorial essentials. An interesting thing about this Publication is that the English editions are published independently from the French editions. Here are some images from the most recent Winter 07/08 issue. 


The End Is Near.

This is an interesting photograph from one of my favorite photographers, Rodney Smith. This picture kinda encompasses how i've been feeling as of late. 



Hello. I decided to jump on the Blog bandwagon, super late. Anyways this will be used to express things I think are cool/uncool. You can still catch me on Hustlin Backwords with the occasional post. Word