Thomas Forsyth | Drawing Tops

British designer Thomas Forsyth's latest drawings tops projects aside from being a great tool for creative great shapes and raising one's innner child, is an exploration of the gap between sparatic and rule bound forms of creation. The drawing tops will be feature as a part of his "Objects and Play" collection. The video below shows it's use and a quote from Forsyth below that shows his inspiration for the piece.

drawing tops
'a spinning-top, that uses a pen as the spindle, represents many of the core ideas behind my current work. it is recognisable, un-intimidating, and invites people to interact with objects that can lead to unpredictable results, or an emergent property. simply through indulging in the enjoyable process of spinning the top a bi-product is created. where the pen marks the surface, a beautiful map of the experience and events that have occurred is produced. I am able to draw, but I am not particularly talented at it and yet found that, through the interaction with these objects, I have created drawings that I am more proud of than any I have done before.' TF


[Thomas Forsyth]

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