Of All the People in the World.

A performer from Stan’s Cafe theatre company stands behind the rice mountain that represents the
population of the USA: one grain = one pers

Visual artists love statistics. A new show in Birmingham UK uses grains of rice to represent the 6.7 billion of us on planet Earth. Stan’s Cafe theatre company presents Of All the People in All the World, a touring exhibition where a whopping 112 tonnes of rice was been used to replicate a whole plethora of statistics. The show is too extensive to write about but luckily the entire thing can be seen in a Flickr set, here.

From left to right: passengers on the Titanic, survivors of the Titanic, lifeguards who worked on the film
Titanic, stunt people in the sinking scene in the film, Titanic

Irish people who emigrated to the USA between 1846 and 1855

The 12 Apollo astronauts who walked on the moon

The show runs from 13 September to 5 October in the AE Harris Factory, 110 Northwood Street, Birmingham B3 1SZ. More details here.


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