GQ Designer of the Year, Thom Browne

GQ magazine has named Thom Browne designer of the years in their December 2008 issue. In the issue, Alex Pappademas writes, “Thom Browne’s world: Most of us don’t live in it, but he’s convinced we’d be better off if we did. We’d all have less stuff, for one thing. Every day, we’d leave bright, spotless, almost comically underfurnished homes and go to work in bright, spotless, almost comically underfurnished places of business. Browne’s Manhattan showroom is like that. You could drive a parade float through the space between the door and the table where he’s sitting now, talking to some people about the tennis-club-inspired set he wants to build for his next runway show…”

You can read the full feature in it's entirety at GQ

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